Stitching information and management together.

Stitch Hub is a one stop shop for you to stay informed, on track, and up to date with type 1 diabetes.

It's not just numbers.

Managing type 1 diabetes is about so much more than just numbers and figures. It’s about needing to manage supplies, keep up to date with relevant information, and be apart of a community of like minded individuals.

The Stitch Hub solution.

Our database of tools and resources will help to inform, educate and inspire you, whether you’re affected by or passionate about t1d. Search by keyword, or use our quick filters to find books, support groups, clinical trials and more!

What can Stitch Hub be for you?


As a resource provider, you most likely experience struggles similar to what we’ve been hearing. It’s hard to get feedback on your resources, hard to target them, and hard to know what the gaps in the market are. Our comprehensive insights and analysis can help you to understand what people are saying about your resources, and how you can improve them. Stitch Hub is your new insights analyst!

Carers and individuals

There’s no ‘typical person’ who gets diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so people who create groups, events or products sometimes find it hard to give you what you need. It makes searching on Google for a resource really tricky, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for! Stitch Hub is your pocket-book full of tips, tricks and support for you, and your loved one.


You’re probably facing the same issue as most clinicians we talk to. You barely have enough time to see all your patients regularly, let alone keep up to date with the best management and support resources, or personalise them to your patients! Stitch Hub is your assistant in keeping up to date, personalise recommendations and support better management practices for your patients.

The platform


A one stop shop to
access all resources


Personalised content


Supply, device warranty,
and appointment tracking

Patient Centric

Clinicians, providers
and carers united